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(11817-V) |

Annual Report


The evaluation was designed to be forward looking, assessing inter alia, the quality of the Board’s

structure, dynamics and succession planning. The results of the evaluation have determined that overall,

the Board continues to be functioning effectively with proper commitment to their respective roles,

including of time. The Board Committees were also judged to be functioning efficiently and effectively.

In addition, the evaluation had identified the strengths of the Board and its Committees and highlighted

areas for the Board to work on in order to prepare for future challenges.

1.6 Access to Information and Independent Advice

The Company Secretaries are always on hand to provide the Directors with the appropriate advice and

services and also to ensure that the relevant procedures are followed and rules and regulations are

complied with. The Board is, from time to time, updated on the relevant amendments to the MMLR as

well as changes in the law, governance and other regulatory requirements.

Prior to the Board Meetings, all Directors will receive a full set of board papers for each agenda item

distributed in advance of each Board meeting which include the comprehensive reviews and analysis of

major operational, financial, technical, legal and regulatory issues, reports of meetings of all committees

of the Board including matters requiring the full Board’s deliberation and approval, performance reports

of the Group, business developments and updates and on other matters of discussion and/or approval.

The board papers are issued in sufficient time to enable the Directors to appreciate the issues to be

deliberated and where necessary, be briefed properly before the meeting. The Board also reviews and

approves all corporate announcements, including the announcement of the quarterly financial results

prior to releasing them to Bursa Malaysia Securities Berhad.

The Directors, whether as a group or individually, are entitled to take independent professional advice

at the expense of the Company in furtherance of their duties and in the event that circumstances

warrant the same.

The Directors have full and unrestricted access to Management and, in addition to the presentations

made by Management to Board and/or Board Committee meetings, to any information relating to the

Group’s business and affairs in the discharge of their duties. The Directors may request to be furnished

with additional information or clarification, particularly in respect of any technical issues tabled to the

Board. This helps to foster an open and regular exchange of knowledge and experience.

The Directors also visit locations of operating units and estates to enable them to gain more insight

into the business and operations aspects of the Group. The ‘hands-on’ approach is useful in assisting

Directors to have a better understanding of the workings of the Group’s business operations, so that

they are able to bring insight on matters affecting the business units during Board deliberations and the

eventual decision making.

1.7 Board Charter

In discharging its duties and roles effectively, the Board is guided by its Board Charter, which sets

out the principles and guidelines that are to be applied by the Board and the Board Committees. The

Board Charter was developed based on the principles and recommendations as set out in the MCCG

2012. The Board Charter shall be reviewed and updated from time to time to reflect relevant changes to

policies, procedures and processes as well as amendments to the rules and regulations. It also outlines

the Board’s rights to establish committees to assist in the discharge of its duties and its meetings’


The Board Charter is accessible to the public for reference on the Company’s website at