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(11817-V) |

Annual Report


KFima’s Employees’ Share Scheme which has had a

very strong take-up rate since its launch in 2011 are

helping our employees to relate directly to the overall

performance of the Group and to eventually realize gains

from the appreciation on the value of KFima’s shares.

Benefits and Welfare

The Group’s compensation structure includes

fixed and variable components depending on the

employee’s job grade. Each location within the Group

has its own locally defined employee benefit schemes.

For eligible employees, these include:

contributions to retirement fund;

medical benefits for outpatient, specialist and

hospitalization treatment for employees, spouse

and eligible children;

group term life and personal accident insurance;

our Indonesian subsidiary, PTNJL provides free

transportation for the workers’ children to nearby

local schools. There is also a clinic and crèche at

the estate to cater to the needs of the plantation

staff and workers; and

provision of housing together with clean water

and sanitation to our plantation workers.

During the year, a review of the Group’s Scheme of

Service was undertaken to address identified gaps in

our HR policies, practices and benefits.

IFC expatriate housing complex in PNG

Schools at PTNJL

Worker’s quarters at PTNJL

During the year, the

Manufacturing and Bulking


continued to provide financial aid to

children of employees to help them pursue their

tertiary education in institutes of higher learning in

Malaysia. The Bulking Division had also maintained

its long-standing tradition of rewarding cash incentives

to children of employees who have excelled in the

UPSR, PT3 and SPM examinations.