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Whenever necessary, senior management are also invited to join in Board and Board Committee meetings to

provide explanation or engage in dialogue with Board members on agenda items being discussed in order for

the Board and/or Board Committees to make an informed decision. All issues raised, deliberations and decisions

including dissenting views made at Board meetings along with clear actions to be taken by responsible parties

are recorded in the minutes. Decisions made, policies approved and follow-up actions at Board meetings will be

communicated to Management after the Board meetings.

1.4.3 Directors’ Training

All Directors are encouraged to attend continuous training programmes to enhance their business acumen and

professionalism in discharging their duties to the Group as well as to help them keep abreast of the current

developments and business environment affecting their roles and responsibilities. The Company Secretary who

receives regular updates on training programmes from regulatory authorities and professional bodies will circulate

them to the Directors for their consideration.

All members of the Board have attended and successfully completed the Mandatory Accreditation Programme as

requiredunder theMMLR. TheDirectors havealsoattendedandparticipated in various external trainingprogrammes

during the financial year. The Company Secretary also facilitated and organized two (2) training sessions during the

year. All these programmes are useful for the Directors in discharging their duties and responsibilities. Particulars

of trainings attended by Directors are set out below:


Training Attended

Date Held

Tan Sri Dato’ Ir.

Muhammad Radzi

bin Haji Mansor


KLBC Fireside Chat “US-Malaysia Relations: Where are we heading” by

Kuala Lumpur Business Club.

2. KLBC Fireside Chat with YBhg Tan Sri Abdul Wahid Omar by Kuala

Lumpur Business Club.

3. Latest Updates on Directors’ Remuneration Seminar 2016 by Asian

Strategy & Leadership Institute (ASLI) and Federation of Public Listed

Companies Berhad.

4. Trade Talk on business opportunities with Sri Lanka by Malaysia External

Trade Development Corporation.

5. Corporate Governance Breakfast Series With Directors “Anti-corruption

& Integrity – Foundation of Corporate Sustainability” by Bursa Malaysia


6. Boards And C-Level Executives: Balancing Trust and Tension by

Malaysian Institute of Corporate Governance.


Combatting Procurement Fraud in the Public & Private Sectors Forum

2017 “Prevention, Detection and Elimination of Fraud in Procurement”

by Aram Global Sdn Bhd.

8. Sustainability Awareness Briefing by Shemsi Sdn Bhd.

9. Companies Act 2016 by Boardroom Corporate Services (KL) Sdn Bhd.










statement on

corporate governance