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Kumpulan Fima Berhad



own locally defined employee benefit

schemes. For eligible employees, these


• contributions to retirement fund;

• medical benefits for outpatient,

specialist and hospitalization treatment

for employees, spouse and eligible


• group term life and personal accident


• our Indonesian subsidiary, PTNJL

provides free transportation for

the workers’ children to nearby

local schools. There is also a clinic

and crèche at the estate which is

subsidised by the company that caters

to the needs of the plantation staff

and workers. The provision of these

facilities has enabled women to join

PTNJL’s workforce; and

• provision of housing together with

clean water and sanitation to our

plantation workers.

During the year, the

Bulking Division

continued its long-standing tradition of

rewarding children of employees who

have excelled in the UPSR, PMR and

SPM examinations with cash incentives.

KFima’s Employees’ Share Scheme

which expired on 17 November 2016 had

a healthy take-up rate and thus helps

create ownership amongst employees

and build a direct relationship between

performance and reward.

Employees are also encouraged to

participate in numerous activities

organised by Kelab Sukan Fima

including, among others, monthly Tafsir

Al-Quran classes, Tazkirah Ramadhan,

Ramadhan Iftar function, Hari Raya Open

House and potluck and Fima Family Day

2017. Family days, weekend retreats,

sport activities and festive gatherings

were also regularly organized at the

divisional level.

A new project has been rolled out

during the year at the Group’s estates

in Johor. At Ladang Ayer Hitam, estate

management has allocated 0.25 acres

of land plus resources such as seeds

and fertilizer for the employees to

cultivate lemongrass, chillies, ginger

and turmeric (kunyit). Meanwhile in

Ladang Kota Tinggi, employees use

the land to grow bananas and corn

(when in season) in addition to leafy

vegetables. At the end of the harvest,

they get to take their produce home

for their own consumption.

“The project fosters a sense of

mutual cooperation and respect

with employees coming together to

share a common interest. They take

immense pride in their little patches

of green - which is certainly good for

the morale.”

Rashidi bin Mohd Yazid,

Estate Manager Ladang Ayer Baloi

A healthy