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Annual Report 2017


Group employees had also participated

in the “Great Eastern Bubble Dash

2016” organized by Great Eastern in

Kuala Lumpur. Funds raised therefrom

will go towards supporting The Heart

Foundation of Malaysia.


We believe in contributing economically

and socially to the well-being of the

communities where we conduct

business. Supporting economic and

Community Support



Spent on Community Investments

and Activities


Empowering underprivileged sections

of society through sponsorship and

providing resources is an important part

of our community outreach. We continued

with our sponsorship of Persatuan

Al-Hunafa, a non-profit organisation

towards its Titian Samara Programme

designed to help secondary students

with academic and social problems.



International Food Corporation Ltd

(“IFC”) is a long-time supporter of the

PNG Football Association (“PNGFA”)

having been the title sponsor of the

Besta FA Cup since 2011.

“We are extremely proud to support

PNGFA. Through IFC’s sponsorship,

we are able to give back to the wider

community by nurturing young local

talents through their participation in

the national soccer league. This will

give the youngsters much needed

game experience whilst at the same

time fostering community spirit and

goodwill.” -

Ahmad Faisal Hamdan,

Chief Operating Officer, IFC

“Our partnership with IFC through the

Besta Youth Development program

has resulted in the nurturing of

successful players that are in the PNG

men’s team. In fact, six of the players

in the PNG Men’s team came out of the

Besta Youth Development program.”


PNGFA president David Chung

Game On!


social development of the communities

in which we operate is the right thing to

do for our communities as well as for our


As part of our commitment in

strengthening the local socio-economic

base, we provide jobs opportunities for

the communities near our projects. In

tandem, the Group hires and trains local

employees at our jobsites, providing

technical training and skills to improve




We also support local suppliers and

entrepreneurs through purchasing local

goods and services.

Apart from building and furnishing the

mosques, schools and clinic located

within and around the plantation with

the necessary amenities, our Indonesian

subsidiary, PT Nunukan Jaya Lestari

(“PTNJL”) also funds the monthly

allowance of teachers, imams and clinic


During the year, the programme focuses

on 4 schools in Klang, Selangor and 1

school in Kelantan namely, SMK Raja

Lumu, SMK Pandamaran Jaya, SMK

Telok Gadong and SMK Kampung Jawa

and SMK Laloh, Kuala Krai. The Group

also made a contribution to Teach for

Malaysia towards their efforts in setting-

up an office space in Johor for their

South Region team.

IFC renewed its partnership with the

PNG Football Association and sponsored

the Besta FA Cup. The division also

supported activities or events organised

by various agencies such as PNG

under-20 Women’s Team for 2016 World

Cup, Goroka Health Community Work

by Susu Mamas, an NGO that supports

and promotes breast feeding for

infants, Mental Health Day and HIV/Aids

Awareness by Angau General Hospital,

Mini Cultural Show of Wawin Primary

School, Morobe Show and PNG 41st

Independence Day.