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(11817-V) |

Annual Report


Whenever necessary, senior management are also invited to join in Board and Board Committee

meetings to provide explanation or engage in dialogue with Board members on agenda items

being discussed in order for the Board and/or Board Committees to make an informed decision.

All issues raised, deliberations and decisions including dissenting views made at Board meetings

along with clear actions to be taken by responsible parties are recorded in the minutes. Decisions

made, policies approved and follow-up actions at Board meetings will be communicated to

Management after the Board meetings.

During the year, the Board organized an off-site Board retreat with the Management to review

the key issues, threats and opportunities facing the Group over the next few years and to set the

foundation upon which to build the Group’s business plans moving forward. The key takeaways

from this session were used by the Management to develop the Group’s strategies and business

plans for 2016 until 2020.

1.4.3 Directors’ Training

All Directors are encouraged to attend continuous training programmes to enhance their business

acumen and professionalism in discharging their duties to the Group as well as to help them

keep abreast of the current developments and business environment affecting their roles and

responsibilities. The Company Secretary who receives regular updates on training programmes

from regulatory authorities and professional bodies will circulate them to the Directors for their


All members of the Board have attended and successfully completed the Mandatory Accreditation

Programme as required under the MMLR. The Directors have also attended and participated in

various external training programmes which are useful for them to discharge their responsibilities.

Particulars of trainings attended by Directors are set out below:


Tan Sri Dato’ Ir.

Muhammad Radzi bin

Haji Mansor

Training Attended

Malaysia’s Political and Economic Outlook: Key

Challenges, Issues and Trends organized by Asian

Strategy & Leadership Institute (ASLI)



ASEAN Leadership Forum organized by Asian

Strategy & Leadership Institute (ASLI)



National Economic Summit “An Update on

the 11


Malaysia Plan - Addressing Current and

Future Challenges” organized by Asian Strategy &

Leadership Institute (ASLI)

Board Chairman Series Part 2: Leadership

Excellence from the Chair organized by Bursa

Malaysia Berhad

Conducting Dato’ Ir Prof Dr. Chuah Hean Teik

Engineering Education Prestige Lecture Series

on “Training of future engineers: Success story of

Telecom engineers from training school to university

level” organized by the Institution of Engineers


Special Dialogue with Prime Minister of Vietnam

organized by Kuala Lumpur Business Club

Date Held