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Kumpulan Fima Berhad





Despite the challenging operating

conditions, the Division remains the

biggest contributor to the Group in

FYE2017, delivering a revenue and PBT

of RM233.35 million and RM59.61 million

respectively, a decrease of 12.5% in

revenue and an improvement of 10.4% in

PBT from the previous year. The decline

in revenue was due to lower sales

volume from travel documents resulted

from the expiry of a supply contract in

Q3 of FYE2017 (which was subsequently

extended until Q1 of this current financial

year), mitigated by improved sales

volume of transport and confidential

documents. Meanwhile, PBT improved

due to lower depreciation cost and

favourable sales mix.

The Division’s cash flow from operations

remains strong at RM100.97 million in

FYE2017, an increase of RM48.17 million

from the previous year thereby providing

us with the financial flexibility to seize

any new market opportunities as and

when they arise.



of total

group Revenue



of total

group PBT

Trade receivables decreased by 64.1%

to RM49.60 million. A significant amount

of the trade receivables arise from

customers with whom the Division

has had a long-term relationship, and

therefore the Board is of the view that

the risk of non-payment is low and

the receivables are collectible. During

the financial year, the Division spent

RM1.81 million on capital expenditure

(“CAPEX”) compared to RM7.18 million in

FYE2016, a decrease of 74.8%. CAPEX

during FYE2017 is largely restricted to

assets needed to meet or maintain the

Division’s operational requirements.