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Annual Report 2017




Ladang Dabong, Kuala Krai, and Ladang

Aring, Gua Musang respectively. Planting

on the remaining areas at the estates has

been planned for this current financial


Progress in obtaining the permission and

approvals for land development at our

greenfield estate in Sg. Siput, Perak have

been slow and are still pending to-date.

Barring any further delays, we expect to

receive the said approvals by the end of

this current financial year.

The Division’s prospects for this current

year will be largely influenced by CPO

prices and crop production. On a macro

level, it is anticipated that commodity

prices will remain unpredictable in this

current year on the expected recovery in

palm and soybean production, slowdown

in major markets like China as well as the

effects of extreme weather patterns.

Nonetheless, the Board is of the view that

this sector will continue to benefit from

the growing demand given that palm oil

is a significant and versatile raw material

pineapple segment revenue y-o-y

(RM’ million)

for both food and non-food industries,

and expect to see sustainable growth

over the long-term. In the medium term,

we forecast an upward trend in FFB

production as more young areas in the

Group’s greenfield estates attain maturity

and start to produce. Subject to palm

oil prices remaining at healthy levels,

growth in the Group’s FFB production is

expected to have a favourable impact on

the Group’s revenue in the coming years.